Private Classes

Private Cooking Classes

It is still safe to gather in small groups, to have fun, and learn something new. Enjoy a cooking class in our beautiful private dining room or bring the fun to your private home. 8-10 guests are required $65.00 per person.  

Summertime picnic setting on the grass w
Picnic Delivery

Picnic Party!

With these changing times, you still want to create opportunities for nostalgia and joy. Why not have a beautiful picnic delivered to your doorstep. Basket and blanket in all.  Includes 2 Bottles of Bubbly water, Gourmet sandwiches, our famous Grandma Rachel's potato salad, Asian coleslaw, small artisan charcuterie box, & fresh berries with our lavender coconut cream. $95.00 

DInner Delivery

Lunch & Dinner Delivery 

We are offering Lunch and Dinner Delivery to your home. Enjoy our delicious made from scratch, organic, food to your doorstep. Send us an email and let us get it booked.