It begins as a love story as all good stories do. 

Etiquette Catering Company an Indigenous Kitchen is passionate about providing only the very best in organic, locally sourced, and fresh ingredients. Etiquette offers beautiful, nourishing food for your soul. We create food that cares for you; specializing in food preparation with the allergen sensitive guest in mind. We accommodate gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegetarian options, highlighting Indigenous cuisine from the region. We believe love is in the details and will assist you in creating a beautifully curated event by helping you to select appropriate linens, floral arrangements, lighting, and so much more.


Brandon and Kimberly Brave Heart are the owners of Etiquette Catering Co. The pair fell in love over 14 years ago and have three beautiful children known lovingly as the three Ps. They both are committed to learning and growing in love and business together. Over the past fourteen years, they have studied premier cooking techniques, cultural food preparation and have created masterful recipes through experimenting and refining their palettes.


Kimberly, Jewish, and Lakota, has been cooking since the young age of ten. Growing up in a household full of men, being raised by her single father and two brothers, she prepared food out of necessity. But over time she has fallen in love with the limitless opportunities that cooking provides. Utilizing traditional recipes from both of her cultures while incorporating a modern twist, Kimberly's creativity, experimentation, and attention to detail bring to life incredible dishes that taste like love in every single bite. 


Brandon, Lakota, and Cheyenne grew up on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation spending many hours exploring the land, hunting from an early age, and learning cultural practices that have impacted his ability to create thoughtful food that comes from the earth and heart. Brandon specializes in seeking only the best ingredients, and always working with local producers that provide the very best quality. He is our grill master and protein specialist. Brandon's balance of intensity and gentle humor creates the perfect partnership not only in love but in business as well.

We can't wait to connect with you and hear your love story!